About Us

Values and technology, the perfect blend for web-development.

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Who We Are

The roots of DeeplogiK were first planted in a construction shop where its founder, Alan Tirado, worked for his father at 17 years old. His father, an architect, aspired to own a fruitful business, unaware that the tools needed to carry his business into technological trends would come from the innovations of his curious, young son. 

 At once representing the old and the new, the man and his son were builders at heart; the father built with his hands, while his son was drawn by the magic behind computer screens, the detail that goes into formatting an image on a web page, or transmitting information through cyberspace. Soon enough, the young founder found a way to translate this digital magic into specialized software that would transform the way inventory was kept, clients were tracked, and records were stored, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the construction shop. 

Realizing the rapid shift from pens and paper to virtual tools and the immense benefits these tools would bring to organizations, the young man moved onto small businesses owned by friends of family, offering specialized software and tech-support. But although these services were effective and much needed, so were the ever-lasting values of compassion and honesty - values the young man understood as essential, and which drove him to even accept payment in tires from a client! 

Today, the values and hopes inspired by the construction shop guide the organization which has become DeeplogiK: founded in 2009, DeeplogiK has committed itself to helping businesses grow and succeed through a variety of technological services, such as search engine optimization and social media. Unlike other organizations, our goal is to provide optimal service at honest prices; we work closely with clients to ensure you get what you want, the way you want it! 

With innovation at its core, DeeplogiK is driven by a dream to build sites that are effective so businesses may also fulfill their professional goals and dreams. Our beliefs in efficiency and improvement steer our use of the latest technologies to help companies adapt and thrive in the fast-pace-digital-world. Not only do we provide online tools to meet specific needs, we also seek to create lasting relationships through careful web-development and honest service. 

Our roots have finally sprouted; the result is an honest, family-oriented company committed to technological excellence. Let DeeplogiK move your business forward without losing sight of honesty, integrity and ingenuity - core values that remain time-less!